The most vehement criticism of Dan Brown’s new publication The Lost Sign worries the view of many reviewers that while the material about Freemasonry may be based upon reality, the scientific research is extra comparable to sci-fi. Katherine Solomon, among the primary personalities, is a scientist particularly interested in ‘mind over the issue’ – the power of thought.

Brown makes it clear at the outside in a page qualified ‘TRUTH’, that “All routines, scientific research, artwork and monoliths in this story are actual.” Nevertheless, a few of the more typical researchers or science authors are currently taking a swing at Brown for his impossible creations as well as so-called scrap science.

Although I can not promote a number of the various other elements in guide – Freemasonry, ancient symbols, alchemy, or concealed tricks – virtually every one of his comments regarding physics, awareness research study, mind-over-matter experiments, and objectives are based on fact. Right here’s a fast overview.

Katherine’s laboratory makes use of arbitrary occasion generators. These makers, initially developed by previous Boeing physicist Helmut Schmidt, work like the space-age electronic equivalent of the toss of a coin. The majority of famously, REGs formed the basis of 25 years of consciousness research by Robert Jahn and psychologist Brenda Dunne at Princeton’s PEAR lab. They developed sophisticated researches analyzing whether human minds could influence extremely sensitive equipment controlled by an arbitrary procedure.

Her laboratory additionally uses CCD video cameras that have photographed a faith healer’s energy pouring from his hands. Dr. Gary Schwartz of the College of Arizona has a CCD camera-the type of delicate camera tool that can photo faint light from outer space. He uses it to photograph biophoton emissions-a tiny current of light that has actually been discovered to originate from all living points. He has actually photographed a rise in this light streaming from the leading hands of healers while ‘sending’ healing.

Katherine has a laboratory called the ‘Cube’, which is electromagnetically sealed to make sure that human ideas can’t penetrate it. Within the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California, there is a laboratory with one-ton solid steel, double-walled, electromagnetically protected room, which blocks out all electromagnetic power. It’s like the warmer matching of a meatpacking-plant fridge.

Katherine states her work was particularly motivated by:

REG machines populated throughout the world, which tape-recorded an effect on September 11, 2001, when the twin towers fell down. Previous Princeton PEAR scientist, psychologist Roger Nelson, runs the International Consciousness Project, which has more than 50 REG devices running continually around the world. He compares changes in their arbitrary result during times of significant disastrous global occasions. He and also his colleagues have actually studied numerous occasions and also discovered that when individuals react with fantastic happiness or horror to breaking information, the machines seem to respond too. One of the most significant results was seen throughout the occasions of 9/11.

prayer groups that have actually recovered people and also have influenced REG machines. At the very least 150 research studies of the petition and also healing has actually shown favorable results. Dr. Nelson’s International Awareness Task has tracked quantifiable adjustments in REG devices after several worldwide prayer occasions.

the CIA, which ran remote watching programs that verged on old magic. These programs, run by CIA partnering with Stanford Research study Institute’s then supervisors, physicists Hal Puthoff and also Russell Targ, conclusively demonstrated that also amateurs could see things past the reach of visual sense. Learn the 21 cfr part 11 compliance by reading this here.