Common mistakes that reduce the life of your car

Nowadays, car manufacturers have raised the bar of technology by creating world-class cars. Professionals are equipping cars with the latest design and appearance. Nothing can compare to the outstanding advantages and features of modern cars, for which the safety of people sitting inside remains a priority. A car requires proper care for a long service life. Timely repair and maintenance is the most important way to extend the life of your car.

In addition, let’s not forget to take care of your car on a daily basis. Do you take care of your vehicle? If so, let’s make a list of the mistakes you can make every day, which will shorten the life of your car.

Cars need proper care in order to function properly and for a long time. A vehicle consists of hundreds of small and large components linked together as one. These components can shorten the life of your car if they are not taken care of in time. Numerous car parts require regular maintenance to last for years as new.

A car today is a major investment for most people. But when driving on the road, you can make the most common mistakes that reduce the life of your car. This may be unintentional, but these mistakes will surely lead to your car breaking down. So, why don’t we make a list of the most common mistakes you make while driving.

List of mistakes that reduce the life of your car

  • Use of cheap, low-quality fuel

Filling your car’s fuel tank with cheap, poor quality fuel or gas is one of the biggest mistakes that reduce the life of your car. Using high quality fuel will add several more years to its service and existence on the road. An inexpensive grade of engine oil or gas can damage the engine and its components, making it brittle. It will also reduce your car’s productivity and mileage. Be sure to refuel your car with only the highest-rated quality fuel.

  • Use of inappropriate or non-automatic spare parts

Replacing engine components with improper ones can shorten the life of your vehicle. Spark plugs, gearbox components must always be perfectly technically matched to the vehicle.

  • Heavy and sharp leg on the brakes

This can damage the brake pads and brake disc rotors, significantly reducing the real life of components in the design of your car. Try to drive the car without sudden braking and acceleration, driving smoothly, avoiding sudden acceleration, braking and maneuvering. The style of your driving will have a direct impact on the technical condition of the car.

  • Wrong off-road camber

Proper wheel alignment can have a huge impact on a car’s performance. Incorrect cambering can lead to unbalance, which can cause accidents. In addition, it also has a major impact on fuel economy. Therefore, do not forget to adjust the wheel alignment.

  • Negligence of maintenance and timely repairs

The vehicle must be serviced and repaired in a timely manner. Lack of professional service may shorten the life of your vehicle. Moreover, if not repaired in time, engine parts can be damaged, which will cost you a fortune. Therefore, selecting suitable maintenance tips would be useful for proper car care.

  • Use your hand to rest on the gearshift lever

The gear stick can be held unintentionally for a long time while driving. This problem is associated with cars with a manual gearbox. Avoid holding hands on the shifting lever to avoid problems with transmission components.

  • Do not check the levels of technical fluids in the vehicle.

Regular inspection of all levels of vehicle fluids will ensure that the engine and its parts are working perfectly. And that’s what most people avoid. A car is a single unit, consisting of several small and large parts. Just checking the levels will help you avoid trouble.

  • Don’t change the engine oil in time.

It is highly recommended to change the engine oil after a certain period. And that’s what most people forget. Be sure to change those engine fluids on time.

  • Gas on a cold engine

Accelerating a car engine in cold weather can shorten the life of your car by several years. Avoid total gas acceleration as the engine takes a little time to warm up.

  • Car without fuel

Driving until the fuel indicator starts flashing is another way to do more damage to your car. Avoid driving until the fuel tank is completely empty.

  • It’s reckless to drive through potholes

No matter how high quality and perfect the manufacturers have created your car suspension, at some point it will definitely break down if you exceed its limit. Riding recklessly through bumps and potholes will damage your car’s suspension and may break the rims. Avoid potholes while driving, especially at high speed!

  • Rare Driving

Seldom driving reduces the life of your car’s components and battery. It also hurts your tyres. So make sure you drive your favorite car often enough.

  • Big break between washing, and cleaning

Keeping the exterior of your car clean will add several years to your car’s life. Incorrect washing can cause paint damage and rust to your car.

These were some common mistakes that can significantly shorten the life of your car. Avoid these mistakes and your car will serve you for years to come, faithfully and truly!